our roots

We are a family restaurant with three generations of family recipes.  MA Mì is the new addition to our family.  A concept that was in the making for several years and now we are excited to share it with our community. 


Our name MA Mì is a play-off of the word 'mom'.  

'MA' is to pay tribute to where it all started from, which was first created by our grandma Marie Tran.  Where she opened her first restaurant in Queens in 1974.  Following suit our mother, KT Tran Diovisalvo, started her journey thru NYC and to soon take her food thru-out Bergen County in Northern NJ. 

'Mì' is a Vietnamese word meaning noodles or sandwich [banh mì].  A staple in our menu offering.

This is how 'MA Mì' was born.    


MA Mì Eatery is a fast casual concept.

For full service and a larger menu selection visit our full-service restaurant Simply Vietnamese in Tenafly, NJ.  Checkout what Simply Vietnamese offers by clicking below.